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<sydneychick> hello

<Cute_Guy__22> Hello! How R U?

<sydneychick> good thanks and u

<Cute_Guy__22> I'm good, got to run in a sec though, have to talk to you later if you'd like.

<sydneychick> sure

<sydneychick> where u going

<Cute_Guy__22> Going me at if you want.

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<sydneychick> sure

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Session Start: Sat Jan 29 22:16:34 2000

Session Ident: sydneychick (

<sydneychick> hi

<Cute_Guy__22> Hello! How R U?

<sydneychick> good

<sydneychick> u

<Cute_Guy__22> Getting tired, but otherwise fine. So what's your a/s/l?

<sydneychick> 17/f/syd

<sydneychick> u

<Cute_Guy__22> 22/m/Melbourne, but I'll be visiting Sydney on a business trip in a couple of weeks which I'm not lookign forward to.

<sydneychick> y

<Cute_Guy__22> I have no friends there, don't know my way wround and won't have any transport! : (

<sydneychick> ill guide ya

<Cute_Guy__22> Last time I went I was very lonely as I live and work by myself.

<Cute_Guy__22> Serious?!

<Cute_Guy__22> I'd LOVE someone to show me around, invite me to a movie or ANYTHING!

<sydneychick> if i get to know u better sure i will

<sydneychick> sur ei will

<Cute_Guy__22> Cool. Well, we've only got two weeks as I leave for Sydney on Tue the 15th of Feb.

<sydneychick> day after valentines day

<Cute_Guy__22> That's right!

<sydneychick> coolies

<sydneychick> where bouts u stayin do u know

<Cute_Guy__22> Would you like a pic of me?

<sydneychick> sure would

<Cute_Guy__22> A flat in North Sydney.

<sydneychick> col

<sydneychick> cool even

<Cute_Guy__22> William Street, near Berry street which is where I'll be working.

<Cute_Guy__22> Okay here it comes...

<sydneychick> thanks

<Cute_Guy__22> I'll give you a quick intro....My name is Raymond, I'm a computer technician/Microsoft trainer.

<Cute_Guy__22> I LOVE computers, Table Tennis, driving around with LOUD Techno/Dance music...

<Cute_Guy__22> Movies....

<sydneychick> thats a great pic

<sydneychick> very nice

<Cute_Guy__22> Y thank you!

<sydneychick> no problems

<Cute_Guy__22> It's a couple of years old, but AI haven't really changed.

<sydneychick> would u like me to offer u an intro

<Cute_Guy__22> Almost every girl I send it to says I'm cute and so I stick to that one! : )

<Cute_Guy__22> I would LOVE one yes.

<sydneychick> well my name is sarah

<sydneychick> im in yr 12 i have a part-time job

<sydneychick> i love to rollerblade, swim, go to beach, learn to drive :P, and just hang with friends

<sydneychick> i like some techno but my fav band is metallica

<Cute_Guy__22> Okay cool. Hey, can I send you a file which has a list of questions that I answered, that'll teach you a lot about me.?

<sydneychick> u sure can

<Cute_Guy__22> Okay JAS, it's a html file so you'll have to use Internet Explorer to read it...

<sydneychick> ok

<sydneychick> thanks

<Cute_Guy__22> It may be a little outdated inplaces but still. Can you fill it out with your answers and send it back to me?

<sydneychick> yes

<sydneychick> hey sorry bout that

<Cute_Guy__22> My e-mail addy is and ICQ # at work is 32701935 .

<Cute_Guy__22> Sorry about what?

<sydneychick> i was dc

<Cute_Guy__22> Oh okay then.

<Cute_Guy__22> Have a read of that html file and you should find out a fair bit about me.

<sydneychick> ur obsessed with ur gf

<Cute_Guy__22> Not at the moment actually, I'm losing interest in her as we don't have much in common.

<sydneychick> oh ok

<sydneychick> sorry still reading

<Cute_Guy__22> That's fine, figured you were, it's kinda long!

<sydneychick> yeh

<sydneychick> so how do i fill them in

<Cute_Guy__22> Just copy and paste it into notepad or somethign I guess and change the answers.

<sydneychick> alrighty then

<sydneychick> how bout i just answer to u cause i dunno all that copy paste stuff

<Cute_Guy__22> OKay it's pretty easy though. Just go to edit / select all in Explorer...

<Cute_Guy__22> Load Notepad from the Start menu and select edit / paste.

<sydneychick> its not working

<sydneychick> u there

<Cute_Guy__22> Yes sorry.

<sydneychick> ive done it

<sydneychick> im just filling it out

<Cute_Guy__22> Okay thanks.

<sydneychick> np

<Cute_Guy__22> Don't suppose you'd have a pic for me by any chance?

<sydneychick> not yet

<Cute_Guy__22> Okay no probs.

-> [sydneychick] PING

[sydneychick PING reply]: 2 secs

<sydneychick> nearly finish

<Cute_Guy__22> Cool.. Thanks.

<sydneychick> so now what do i do

<Cute_Guy__22> Can you save it and send it to me? Either that or do the same as before and select all then paste into IRC...

<sydneychick> u there

<Cute_Guy__22> Yes. I'm here.

<Cute_Guy__22> What program are the answers in?

<sydneychick> notepad

<sydneychick> i did it

<Cute_Guy__22> Cool! Thanks. I'll read it now.

<Cute_Guy__22> Well done.

<sydneychick> thanks

<Cute_Guy__22> Hmmm...How can FJ's be your best AND worst job?!

<Cute_Guy__22> And what IS FJ's?

<sydneychick> FJS is a take away food place it has its ups and downs

<Cute_Guy__22> Oh okay then.

<sydneychick> yeh

<Cute_Guy__22> You seriously don't drink?

<sydneychick> nope

<Cute_Guy__22> Cool! Neither do I!!! I think it's stupid!

<sydneychick> yeh it is

<sydneychick> it just inflicts pain on others

<Cute_Guy__22> It's no good for your body either...

<sydneychick> no i know

<Cute_Guy__22> *LOL* I like your comment about streaking!!! *LOL*

<sydneychick> thanx

<Cute_Guy__22> Cool....You really like Vanilla essence or did you just leave that in from my answer?

<sydneychick> no ive got all the diff types of vanilla i reckon, perfumes, sprays, powders u name it i got it

<Cute_Guy__22> Cool! I absolutely LOVE Vanilla essence....

<Cute_Guy__22> BEST smell ever!

<sydneychick> cool

<Cute_Guy__22> Hey, don't suppose you have ICQ?

<sydneychick> yes !!!!!!!

<Cute_Guy__22> Cool!! My ICQ at work is 32701935.

<sydneychick> ok i shall autho u

<Cute_Guy__22> That's my Melbourne one.....My Sydney one is 48539518, so when that's online, you'll know I'm in Sydney!

<Cute_Guy__22> I have four actually! Those are my two work ones!

<sydneychick> coool

<sydneychick> well im autho them now

<Cute_Guy__22> No problem, the Melbourne ones should get authorised on Monday morning sometime, but the SYd one won't until I arrive in Sydney.

<sydneychick> ciool

<Cute_Guy__22> Can I have yours in case it doesn't come through?

<sydneychick> well u shall get them

<sydneychick> yes

<sydneychick> 47812125

<Cute_Guy__22> Cool. Thanks.

<sydneychick> no p

<sydneychick> i have to go now

<Cute_Guy__22> Well, I might head off to bed now too before I fall asleep. THanks soo much for the chat and offering to show me around....I REALLY appreciate it.

<sydneychick> its cool

<sydneychick> anytime

<Cute_Guy__22> Okay I'm off then....Take care okay. CYA

<sydneychick> bye ye

<sydneychick> u take care too

<sydneychick> bye

Session Close: Sat Jan 29 23:34:27 2000