Here's what my friends have to say about me:


Judith Talanoa:

I've known you since I started teaching the youth Sunday school class in about 1992 & you were the student who helped me find riddles, puzzles & conundrums to get everybody's brains into gear. When you finally left my class to go into YSA you were already my organist for Sacrament meeting. We then had the fascinating time of training the Stake Choir for 3 Stake Conferences, trying out some new ideas on the way - most of which worked very nicely. One of the positive attributes that I appreciate most about you was the fact that when I asked you to do something difficult you never ever said "it couldn't be done" - only - "OK I'll find a way." Your patience & sense of humour while we learned & tried new ideas has always been incredible. One last thought - age difference has never been a barrier to a significant friendship! Now - the hard one - your greatest fault/s. Sometimes your passivity (not in choir/organ work!) but in many relationships where you were prepared to sit on the sidelines & let everything happen around you, but not really be part of it. Raymond - you really are rather special & one day you'll realise that you have more to offer. Take care - thank you for being there, alertly, on the organ for so long. Warmest regards always

Chris Caravas:

I have known the young shy Raymond since July, 2000 when I came on board as the Sales & Marketing Manager for Ultimate Computing Technology in Melbourne, Australia where Raymond had already been working as an MCSE Trainer/Instructor. Since the company tragically dissolved into liquidation in 2001,we both parted company since but somehow kept bonding by emailing each other from time to time. We still remain good electronic friends. Maybe it was because I had to remind him to stop exposing himself over the internet or something. Raymond is a fine young man for any new woman interested but, most times he forgets to stop working on his PC and slips way into the night getting up to all sorts of mischief; probably, on his Volvo. He's a genius in computer tech but his greatest fault is that he forgets that IT'S ALL OUT THERE! 

Matthew Thorne:

I have known Ray for around 15 years now… I met and know him through Church Positive attributes would have to include a kind heart, well mannered, and a “gentlemen” Most greatest fault would be not covering his wooden bed base with cushioning so every time I hit my head on it, I wouldn’t get a headache… Other than that, I don’t really like saying much about people’s faults as I have quite a few myself.