1.     Full name: 
        Raymond Thacker.
2.     Location: 
       Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
3.     Nickname(s): 
        Curly, Temple, Munchkin.
4.     DOB: 
        25th June 1977.
5.     Parents: 
        Coral and Donald Thacker.
6.     Siblings: 
        Steve, Ken and Sue.
7.     School: 
        Northvale Primary School, Monash High School, Mentone Grammar, Monash University.
8.     Best buds: 
        Frank, my nephews Brett and Dean, Michael, Matthew, Natalie, Henry, Ben.
9.     Pets and their names: 
        Jessie my gorgeous doggie.
10.   Jobs: 
        Computer Technician and Microsoft Trainer
11.   Hobbies: 
       Computers, Multi player Computer Games, Movies, Table Tennis, cuddling up to movies and spoiling women!
12.  Things you collect 
       Electrical and Computer Stuff!
13.  Words and phrases you overuse: 
       Fair enough.
14. Non-sport you excel in: 
15. Non-sport game you enjoy 
      Multi player computer games.
16. Dream car: 
      Volvo C70 Convertible (0-100 in 6.9 secs!)
17. Coolest experience of my life 
      Finding a young lady asked me out over the internet and I didn't even know it!
18. Scariest thing you've ever done: 
      Teaching computer networking to people much older than me.
19. Favourite thing to do in spring: 
      Go out somewhere nice.
20. Favourite thing to do in summer: 
21. Favourite thing to do in the fall 
Not sure, cuddles I guess, although they're good ANY time of year!
22. Favourite thing to do in the winter 
      Snuggle up with a young lady and Sleep! (not necessarily at the same time!) Love it!
23. Special skills or talents: 
      Computers, being nice, understanding.
24. Song that couldn't be improved upon: 
      Power of Love - Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson - I Wanna Love You Forever
25. Most influential person: 
      My mother and my friends.
26. Person I respect most 
      My brother Steve.
27. Character traits you look for in others 
      Loving and caring, outgoing because I'm shy, sense of humour.
28. Pet peeves 
      My dog barks too much.
29. Future goals 
      Lead a happy life and raise a happy family, improve myself.
30. Favourite music 
      Dance/Techno/Trance and slow 'soppy' music.
31. Groups/singers you dig: 
      John Farnham, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion, Public Domain
32. Songs you enjoy: 
      Too many to list.  Mostly Like Dance/Trance/Techno stuff. Also enjoy 'soppy' love songs.
33. Favourite colour: 
34. Favourite food: 
      Anything Italian!
35. Least favourite food: 
      Sultanas  Eeeew!
36. Funniest person I know 
      David Allen.
37. Favourite subject: 
      Computers, women!
38. Favourite Sport: 
      Table Tennis (to play), Cricket / Car Racing (to watch)
39. Favourite toy: 
      My computer if you'd call it a toy!
40. Favourite book(s) 
41. Books you would like to read: 
42. Favourite cartoon characters: 
      Bugs Bunny and Tweety Pie
43. Favourite movies: 
      Air Force One, Star Wars Trilogy, A Bug's Life among MANY others.
44. Favourite music video: 
      John Farnham in Concert.
45. Favourite animal: 
      Little kittens! Sooooo cute!
46. Favourite number(s): 
47. Favourite TV show: 
      Hey Hey It's Saturday, Mission Impossible don't actually watch much TV.
48. Favourite day(s ) 
      Friday's (Weekend Yay!)
49. Favourite month(s): 
      June (My birthday!)
50. Favourite holiday: 
      Christmas and New Year.
51. Favourite part of the newspaper 
      Movie Section.
52. Favourite toothpaste: 
      Anything that's not mint flavoured (Not easy to find!)
53. Favourite thing to wear: 
      Not Sure.  
54. Favourite Illness: 
      Yeah right! I just LOVE being sick...NOT!
55. Nicest thing you've ever done for someone 
      Not sure, always helping people out.
56. Person you'd like to hang out with: 
      A nice young lady.

1) What is the neatest Christmas gift that you wish you still had? 
     Probably my first computer when I was 5.  Never looked back since.
2) If you were to take up residence in another country, which one would it be and why? 
      Australia, it's the best!
3) What is your idea of the perfect job? 
      One you'd do even if you weren't paid.
4) What foods do you like the best? Hate the worst? 
      LOVE Italian, don't like hot foods.
5) What are your favourite colours? 
6) If you had a "theme" song what would it be? 
      Something 'soppy'.
7) What style of Architecture/Interior Decor describes your dream home? 
      Not sure but I LOVE marble (Typical me with expensive tastes!)
8) What animal does your personality most closely resemble? Why? 
      A kitten, cute cuddly and playful.
9) Do you think the "Macarena" is: (A) a really cool dance (B) A stupid fad? (C) Somewhere in-between. 
      C, It's okay.
10) What is your favourite type of music, What do you think is a waste of time to listen to? 
      Fav: Dance/Techno and 'soppy'.   Waste of time: Heavy Metal and grunge can't even understand what they're saying!
11) Who is your favourite: (A) Male Singer(s) (B) Female Singer(s) (C) Band(s) (D) Male TV/Movie Star(s) (E) Female TV/Movie
      (A) John Farnham (B) Mariah Carey, Shania Twain (C) (D) (E).
12) Name 10 of your most favourite movies of all time. 
      Pearl Harbour.
      Monsters Inc (Gotta love it).
      Star (Really 'soppy').
      Air Force One.
      A Bug's Life (Really Cute).
      Star Wars Trilogy.
13) What are 5 favourite TV shows? 
      Hey Hey It's Saturday.
      Mission Impossible.
14) What are your favourite names for children: (A) Boys: (B) Girls: 
      (A) Steve, (B) Kate, Natasha.
15) What do you feel are the 5 most important qualities in a Prospective spouse? (Not necessarily ranked in order) 
      Able to bring up children well.
      Able to do things for herself.
16) What is a husband / father's responsibilities? 
      Look after the welfare of his family.
      Love and look after his wife.
      Care for and teach the children.
17) What are a wife / mothers responsibilities? 
      If not working, look after the home and children.
      Support husband / father.
18) What styles of dancing do you like to do: ie Ballroom, swing, jitterbugging, Charleston, punk, western line dancing, contemporary,
       tap, ballet, jazz, Irish jig, other? 
      None really.
19) What is your favourite way to exercise your body? 
      Ummm. No comment!
20) What are some of your favourite sports? 
      Table Tennis (to play) and Cricket (to watch)
21) What kind of car do you drive and what kind WOULD you drive If money were no object? 
      Volvo 240 GLE, Volvo C70 convertible.
22) Are you politically: Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, other? 
23) What are the 5 biggest things that set you off! 
      Girls (No further comment there)
      Loud dance music
      Car Racing

     Computer Games
24) What would you change in your past, if you could? 
       Um, a couple of things but I won't list them here.
25) What do you consider your greatest achievements? 
      Being a nice guy.
26) What do you feel are your strongest Positive traits? 
      Being a nice, gentle guy that would never harm anyone
27) What do you feel are some of your weaknesses? 
      Get upset and jealous easily, particularly when I'm really tired
      I'm shy and an introvert
      Not usually relaxed
28) If you were an ice cream flavour what would you be? 
      No idea!
29) If you were a TOOL what would you be? And why? 
      Screwdriver, very useful
30) What is your favourite Romantic gesture? 
      Gentle caresses and kisses.
31) What impresses you LEAST about a guy/girl? 
      Crudeness, smoking, drinking, bad language, drugs.
32) What impresses you Most? 
      Someone who doesn't do the above (Question 31) and cares about other people.
33) What are the biggest turn-offs when meeting new people? 
      See 31.
34) How would you rate the importance of humour in your life? 
      Humour is important, you need to laugh and have fun. Can't be serious all the time.
35) When you look at your body in the mirror do you see: A) A hopeless case. B) A work in progress. C) Almost where I want to be. D) Practically perfect in every way? 
36) What would be your idea of a Fantastic Dream date? 
      Gorgeous girl with great personality, doesn't matter what we do as long as it's together. Where are you by the way?!
37) Are your favourite kisses: A) a couple o' pecks B) Slow, soft, and many. C) A little lip sliding D) an open mouth. E) The Kirby/Hoover treatment. F) All of the above? 
      I guess B.
38) What are some of the goals that you hope to accomplish in? The next few years? 
      Get married to the 'right' young lady and start settling down. Attention: Would a Mrs Right please report to Raymond as he's lost and is looking for you.
39) Do you have any physical, mental, or emotional/psychological limitations? 
      Physical limitations: I'm weak, emotional limitations: Get jealous easily, I have reason to from prior relationships. Trust has been abused and lost.
40) What is your favourite toothpaste? 
      Anything that's not mint.
41) Do you squeeze the tube from the: Top, Middle or Bottom ? 
      Anywhere that's squeezable!
42) Where would you most like to go on Vacation? 
      Somewhere near the beach, with nice views of nature away from hustle and bustle.
43) What type of flower(s) do you like to receive the most? 
      Not really into flowers.
44) What would you name a new pet if you were to get one? 
45) Would you rather go Camping, on a cruise, or to? 
      Somewhere relaxing.
46) What is the first thing you say to yourself when you get up in the morning? 
      MMMMMMMMMMMMM (The noise I make when I'm stretching!)
47) What is your favourite holiday? 
      Somewhere relaxing with my dream girl.
48) If a Genie were to give you one wish, what would you wish? for? 
      Easy! Unlimited wishes! Then go from there! If unlimited is not allowed, it'd just be to be truly and everlastingly happy.
49) What are the most important things to you (in order of importance)? 
      My  family.
      Being happy.
      Raising a happy family, creating a home where my children turn to as a haven from the hardships and the world.
50) It is a cold and snowy evening. What is your idea of a perfect evening with your spouse? 
      Hopping out of the spa and snuggling by the fireplace watching a quiet soppy movie.
51) Are you a good communicator? Yes, No/ Explain: 
      I guess I'm not too bad. I try my best anyway.
52) Do you feel wood burning fireplaces are: A) Cosy B) Dangerous C) Romantic D) Wasted Energy E) Other Explain: 
      A and C. Lots of snuggles!
53) When you meet a person for the first time what is the first thing that you notice? A) Physical appearance B) Personality 
      Obviously appearance you ALWAYS see first, you don't see their personality until you get to know them.
54) What is the most important thing to you in a marriage? A) Trust B) Physical Relationship C) Honesty D) Communication 
      A Relationships are built on trust, if you don't trust someone, how can you have a relationship with them?
55) Does your home have to be: A) Immaculate B) Comfortable C) Other. /Explain: 
      A Hate mess!
56) As a companion would you be: A) Companion-co-counsellor B) Leader C) Backseat/Passive D) Dictator E) Other/Explain 
      A companion is a member of a team.
57) Housework is: A) Woman's work B) Everyone's responsibility C) The Maid's job D) Other/Explain: 
      B Whoever is able to do it should do it. Marriage is a team of two or more people (more being children of course!)
58) What kind of music do you like: A) Jazz B) Classical C) 50's Rock (Oldies) D) Country E) Big Band (Swing) F) Easy Listening G) Pop Rock  H) Punk I) Reggae J) Heavy Metal K) Grunge L) New Age, Instrumental M) Other/Explain; 
      G Dance/Techno is my music also 'soppy' stuff depending on my mood.
59) What would your favourite meal consist of?
      Pasta, Pizza, Italian stuff, there's a lot of different foods I like.
60) What is your favourite beverage? 
      Soft drinks, orange, lemonade etc.
61) Do you like to read? 
62) When you are angry about something what is your first reaction? A) Blow up B) Keep it inside C) Talk it out D) Other/Explain: 
      B I tend to keep it inside or maybe put on some loud music or go for a drive.
63) Do you think it's important to kiss your spouse hello and goodbye when he/she leaves and comes back from work? 
      Definitely, could be the last time you see them and you'd be really upset if you didn't. Also makes them feel loved wanted and
64) Do you think that it is important to have 1 day a week set aside for your spouse to be alone with them and renew your love and
      For sure, relationships like anything need quality time to grow. Everything must be nurtured and looked after for it to prosper.
65) Who handles the chequebook in the family: A) Husband B) Wife C) Sit down family council D) Separate accounts E) Other/Explain: 
      C. Like I said, a family is a team, not simple two people living together, it's OUR money not mine and yours.
66) How important is security to you? 
      I guess it's important but I haven't really done anything about it yet.
67) What would be your reaction if a check bounced? 
      It wouldn't! I like to make sure I have some money in the bank for emergencies at all times. If I don't spending is put on hold until I have money.
68) During the Football/Baseball/Basketball and Hockey seasons are you: A) Couch Potato (Avid fan), B) Uninterested, and C)
      Season play-off Fan, D) AT THE GAME fan, E) Other/Explain: 
      B Sport doesn't interest me that much, just watch it sometimes for entertainment.
69) How do you feel about disciplining a child: A) Spanking B) Talking to C) IN the Corner D) Yell at E) Hugging F) Find out the
      situation G) Combination H) Other/Explain: 
      Hmmm...G. Controlled spanking when absolutely necessary, definitely talking to, and E hugging so that they still feel that you love them.
70) Would you feel threatened if an old Boy/Girl friend was a current friend? 
      Not really, as long as they were JUST FRIENDS and controlled themselves.
71) Do you feel that past mistakes should be A) Learned from, then forgotten B) Rehashed every time you fight C) Left in the past       
where they  belong, and start fresh D) Other/Explain: 
72) Do you like A) Waterbeds B) Flotation Mattresses C) Standard Box Springs & Mattress. (1. Hard 2.Firm 3. Medium 4.Soft) 
      Hmmm...Don't think I'd like a waterbed, Standard beds seem to work fine for me. Probably soft.
73) How do you feel about Chiropractors/ Medical Doctors/ and alternative therapists such as Massage, Naturopathic, Homoeopathic, Nutritionists and Herbalists? 
      If you have a sickness or problem try whatever works for you, if you don't try it, you don't know if it could fix your problem.
74) Do you like the arts? -- Opera, Ballet, Symphony Theatre, Art Exhibit or Other/Explain 
      Not really. Don't mind nice music though.
75) Do you have a problem remembering Birthdays/Anniversaries?
      A little, yes, some I remember some I don't and like everyone we all forget things from time to time.

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